The open source ERP which grows with your business.

GrowERP has been created to solve the problem of normally smaller companies starting with ERP. These starters select some of the smaller ERP systems and find out after some time that either the functionality is limited or that it cannot be easily adapted to specific business requirements.
Although Apache OFBiz does not suffer from these limitations, it is however difficult to start with the 'out-of-box' OFBiz version because of its complexity and extended functions. GrowERP makes this all much easier, not only for end-users but also for developers to adapt the system.
To make it even easier, there is also a SAAS version available where only registration provides you with a full functional system, with the option to later export the data and run the system yourself. We are a sub of a company Antwebsystems with more than 10 years opensource ERP experiance and we only use opensource systems.